1. Dear No Minwoo

    I know today is your ooc birthday. I want to say this to you sweetheart, I love you very much. Thank you so much for coming into my life. I hope you are having an among birthday. Keke. So happy birthday my ooc daughter. I know your older than me ooc but I don’t care. To me you’re like a daughter to me and ic a son. I know I haven’t been talking to you lately but than again i’m really busy. Your fan girling over my ooc selca will be forever remembered. You are manly by the way. Keke.

    From the day I took you in as my son I started to care about you ic and ooc. So appa/grandpa loves you. No matter who I role play I’ll be your derpy cnu appa. If I ever levee this Roleplay i’m sorry but I promise you if I get into a Kpop company I’ll put my derpy friends like you on out. Okay. Keke.

    Once again, I love you my first son, No Minwoo.

    Seyong Appa
    Derpy CNU Appa

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